Falling Skies

Anyone who is an actual sci-fi fan has at least heard of this show on TNT, starring Noah Wyle, Will Patton (Armageddon) , Seychelle Gabriel (Weeds), Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation), Colin Cunningham (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Elektra), and Ryan Robbins (Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis. Sanctuary, Mortal Kombat Legacy) – to refuse to watch it at least for a minute would be immature and unbecoming of a nerd so hopefully you’ve heard of it. I had high hopes for it because it was a type of alien invasion show that hadn’t been on TV before (If I haven’t at least heard of it, that means it sucks, and so it doesn’t count – you can try and refute this if you want). and so far the only disappointment I have is that 1 hour shows are only 43 minutes long, and every single one of them wastes a minimum of 1.5 minutes recapping.

If you haven’t seen the episodes up until this point, whats wrong with you!? Go to the beginning and start watching it!

Anyway sorry I digress. So Falling Skies has a decent ensemble of not-lead actors. Will Patton is good, Colin Cunningham and Ryan Robbins have been in every sci-fi thing ever made, so they’re used to sci-fi roles. Seychelle Gabriel, well, she’s just cute. She wasn’t a bad actor in the two episodes of Weeds she was in (or was it 1?) but that’s the only place I’ve seen her. Noah Wyle….I don’t understand any of the jokes or references to Noah Wyle or why some people don’t like him. Admittedly he isn’t an A-list actor but he seems to do just fine as far as I’m concerned.

There is one annoying trend that has developed in the past 15 episodes though – Mason get’s away with doing whatever he wants, even though Weaver acts pissed, and then he goes and does it again whenever it’s about his family. Granted, I would too. If my sons were all I had left I’d tell everyone to go fuck themselves in the alien occupation apocalypse whenever that’s what I needed to do. Also I would like them to develop more of the characters. Hopefully Pope is not gone, or the black dude.

It may come as a surprise, but one thing in the show does personally irritate me. There’s a black dude, an engineer, in the show and his name is Jamil. My name is Jameel. I’m not black. I have that name because it belongs to my culture – Middle Eastern culture. He’s not Middle Eastern I’m willing to bet. The character is spelled Jamil but it’s just weird to hear your name on TV as a character after living in a world of Pauls and Joshes for so long. People are starting to use my name now and it’s bullshit. I never signed any forms saying they could do it.

As far as the plots go they are more or less kind of predictable – most sci-fi plots are – but I don’t feel it really detracts from anything. Once you watch enough TV or play enough games you can predict what’s going to happen in pretty much anything with pixels.

All in all, as a show with Spielbergs name on it, I feel it’s good and I hope it keeps going. Far too often sci-fi shows get cancelled because of ratings or whatever reason. The fact that it’s made it to Season 2 is kind of promising. Most shows don’t: ┬áV, Firefly, Stargate Universe didn’t get to 3 because 1 and 2 sucked (I have no respect for SGU – it was cool for about 10 episodes and then it became unacceptable, for many many reasons.). Caprica, etc.

Weeds Season 8

So, for those who watch Weeds, you were probably apathetic all through Season 7 – probably since at least Season 5. Really the show has been “bleh” since the end of Season 1 – Nancy has just made progressively more destructive decisions and everything has spiraled out of control almost. So, at the end of Season 7 it looked like the show might be over. However, for those who know how to Google, Season 8 was announced quite a while ago and the trailer told you that what you thought happened at the end of S7, did not happen.

Anyway, I feel so far that Season 8 has been better in just two episodes than most of Season 7 and even Season 6 were combined. They are kind of getting back to elements in the story that went abandoned for entire seasons. Here’s to hoping it keeps getting better again.