Now through Sunday at 6 pm GMT, you’ll be able to grab Company of Heroes 2 for free. Then you’ll have until Sunday November 24 to grab any Company of Heroes game or DLC at 75 percent off.

Company of Heroes 2, the sequel to 2006’s lauded WW2 real-time strategy game Company of Heroes, is free to play and keep forever this weekend on Steam. There’s also a big sale on the franchise, meaning the DLC for the first game and second game.

CoH2 released in 2012 with a more focused campaign centered around a specific unit and their story, originally a game about the Eastern front with only the Ostheer and the Russian armies. Over time Sega released additional content for the game, both single and multiplayer, which saw the addition of the US, British, and West German forces, as well as a US D-Day campaign.

The sequel expands upon the core mechanics of the original game with more advanced, dynamic cover systems for your units, more versatility in unit upgrades, and most importantly the functionality of commanders is different. Where in the original game you had a hard defined progression path that you chose as the match played out, in CoH2 you choose from a set of 3 commanders up front and once in the game, you can choose your commander at any time but cannot undo that choice once it’s made.

CoH2 also added an additional perk mechanic where you can choose 3 “cards” that grant your units slight advantages over their base stats. You might pick a card that makes your MG crews build faster, or your tanks turn faster, for example.

The sequel is a great game with a still active community and absolutely worth checking out if you were a fan of the first or are a fan of the genre or WW2 in general.