Dead Space is largely considered a masterpiece that deserved a future based on the merit of how good it’s first game was alone, but considering Visceral games was shut down and its people reassigned to other projects, the chances of that are minimal. Fortunately, though, an independent development team called Sunscorched Studios is making a spiritual successor: a tightly-shot, over-the-shoulder space horror game called Negative Atmosphere, which first showed its face during EGX Rezzed earlier this year.

There’s still not a lot to see just yet beyond the new teaser trailer above. In it, we get a lingering exterior shot of a massive space vessel, which is where the action of the game will be taking place. The action itself? Well, judging from the trailer, it’s about getting violently maimed by horrible necromorph-type alien beings.

The trailer has some rough edges, and first among those is the main character’s voice lines. It’s mostly shouting vulgarities, which would be understandable if you’re scared shitless and about to die, but the original Dead Space featured an entirely silent protagonist (besides his screams and breathing and heart) and its not very endearing. Sunscorched has said they’ll be toning that down, though, after getting some pretty negative feedback about it since the trailer dropped.

What’s been shown of the monster itself though looks pretty brilliant. It’s a long-limbed spidery thing built out of human remains, with reflective retinas and a strangely upsetting, birdlike quizzical stare as it comes around the bend in the hallway, intent on ventilating the hero Samuel Edwards.

On Reddit, Sunscorched’s founder says the game pays homage to Dead Space, System Shock, and SOMA, and will have randomly-spawning monster encounters to prevent players from being able to memorize an area and know exactly what they’ll be up against when they head back in.

There’s no release date set for the project yet, but it’ll be one to keep an eye on, particularly if you’re a fan of sci-fi body horror. Sunscorched is funding development through Patreon, so check that out if your interest is piqued.