Iron Harvest, the diesel-punk Company of Heroes-esque RTS set in the Scythe universe recently struck a publishing deal with Deep Silver (of Metro Exodus/Shenmue 3 infamy). King Art Games, the developer behind this promising title, is now refusing to say that they’ll release the game on Steam for non-backers, citing that “no decision has been made”

According to sheep_wielder, the Reddit Community Manager for the Iron Harvest sub-reddit:

Hey everyone,We know your all very concerned about Shenmue III and we’ve definitely heard the feedback as it over-spills into IH. Here is our position:

We are still fully committed to all of our promises to you backers and early supporters, this includes the game being available for Steam and GoG on PC, PS and Xbox. We are certainly aware of some players concerns about DS, but we are entirely focused on getting to full release. The confusion comes because no decision has been made about what will happen after full release and we can’t say anything until we know either way. So much depends on what happens until then. Thanks to your support we were able to secure a good deal with a publisher and with that we can make this game a reality.

If you have already backed the game, you shouldn’t worry as it will be available on the platform you want.

That’s little consolation to those concerned with and sick of the developing PC environment. One in which Epic Games, and lately Deep Silver on their behalf, is committing every deplorable tactic they can in order to hurt Valve – and only Valve, which translates to hurting customers and their own image.

Sheep_wielder, the community manager, assures the community that the decision is still up in the air – its a 50/50 chance the game goes Epic exclusive, stating that the priority now is to get the game finished in time for the slated Holiday 2019 release.