Right on schedule, Capcom has released the first (maybe last) piece of free story DLC for Resident Evil 2 remake, entitled The Ghost Survivors. Adding four additional single player scenarios to the game, Ghost Survivors explores “what if stories” of three characters who are already in the game – sort of.

Kendo must fight his way from his gun store into the sewers. In his way is the standard assortment of expected enemies, but like all the Ghost’s, his scenario has a unique new enemy: poison zombies. Unlike the other types in this DLC, poison zombies seem unique in that they can be any existing zombie type already in the game. That makes obvious sense, but won’t mean anything until later.

Katherine Warren – who I’m positive was named Karen in the original – is the mayors daughter, who must fight her way out of Irons’ tortue/taxidermy chamber inside the Orphanage, back into the RPD. The unique mechanic to her scenario is that several padlocked doors will be in the way and can only be opened with keys that are dropped by zombies. Katherine’s unique new enemy seems somewhat of a compromise between a missing type – the naked lab zombies – and the Regenerators of RE4. If you don’t destroy their head fast enough, it regenerates. She also gets special ammo that doesn’t exist in the game otherwise, for the MLP revolver.

The “soldier” that was the one mystery about this DLC isn’t anyone a player could have named before, because his eponymous call-sign “Ghost” was never in the game at any point. Ghost is a USS trooper, sent in with Hunk to retrieve the virus. He must fight his way out of the train tunnels and back through the lab. Ghost has the hardest of the “three” new scenarios, being forced into tight corridors with essentially no ammo whatsoever and forced to shoot tons of enemies on the way. The unique zombie here is bulletproof – some have an exposed leg or arm but some are completely covered. He also has the Tyrant at the end of his scenario that literally backs you up against a wall.

Each of these new segments features zombies carrying backpacks, hearkening back to ZombiiU in a way. If you kill the zombie you can loot the backpack, which may hold anything from herbs to grenades to a rocket launcher to gunpowder. The game-play seems aimed more at original RE players who know the key is to immobilize or dodge enemies, as there’s no possible way you could beat the new scenarios if you are trying to kill everything. There are simply not enough weapons and dozens of enemies that utilize the same adaptive difficulty as the game, taking more and more damage to kill.

Last but not least, there is a fourth scenario. After beating the first three you unlock “No Way Out”, essentially survival mode featuring the very first person to get killed by a zombie once you play the game – the sheriff in the gas station. Youre stuck inside, with normal zombies and the three new types all pouring out of 3 doors in alternation, then eventually at the same time. Circling back to the beginning, the bulletproof zombies can be a combination- they may have full body armor and also be poisonous. They may have full body armor and an exploding canister on the back, or a backpack. Fortunately there are no poisonous regenerators or “pale” zombies, which would be completely unfair. The sheriff starts with a pistol and after a few waves, backpacks start dropping where more weapons can be looted.

Beating these scenarios and completing accolades within unlocks accessories to be used in these scenarios only. The only that actually has a gameplay function seems to grant unlimited ammo for all weapons, which obviously makes the scenarios significantly easier. On top of that there are new achievements, records, models, and concept art to unlock.

Some of the scenarios have some replay value but beyond the No Way Out scenario, it’s in total maybe 3 hours of additional content. No real new story is added to the game and the only document in each scenario is a brief explanation in-lore of these new types of enemies existing.