Playstation Classic is using the open-source PCSX emulator in order to play its games

A lot of console gamers were hyped when Sony announced the Playstation Classic. However, it appears that Sony has not developed its own emulator and instead it is using the open source PCSX emulator that most PC gamers have been using all these years.

What ultimately this means is that the overall emulation may not be that “authentic” as some gamers may have expected. We’ve seen this happening in SNES classic and to be honest I was expecting Sony to put some more effort to it.

Some people may have thought that the Playstation Classic would be playing games via hardware and not via emulation. Well, that’s not the case.

So yeah, before complaining you console gamers about PC gamers pirating the console games via emulators, know that the mini console you are about to buy is actually using the very same emulator you have criticised.

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