Back in 2015, Deep Silver stated that it will continue working towards bringing its vision of Dead Island 2 to life, and that it will share further information at a later stage. It’s been almost three years since then and this is the first bit of news since it was reported that Yager, developers of Spec Ops: The Line, were taken off of the project by Deep Silver.

This news comes at the goading of a “gamer girl” Mrs Dids, who responded – negatively but curtly – to a post Deep Silver made about the new iOS release Dead Island: Survivors.

It’s also worth noting that the developers of the first Dead Island, Techland, are the ones behind the Dying Light series. It’s hard to make a case that Dying Light wasn’t way better than Dead Island – being the same team with the same vision – but from what was revealed of this games development already, Dead Island 2 isn’t intended to be the same type of game as either of them. When it was announced, it was said to be a game more like Dead Rising.