According to a report by EGM, EA is adding 5 new games to the EA Access vault. The Sims 4FeFIFA 18Burnout Paradise Remastered, and Dante’s Inferno, are all coming to EA Access at the end of summer, with the four titles already slated for a release between mid-August and September.

It’s unclear what this means for Dante’s Inferno – whether the game will exist as a standalone title for purchase on the Microsoft store or you will be forced to subscribe to the EA Access service for $9.99 a month in order to play it.

Dante’s Inferno is the 2010 release by Visceral Games, RIP, their second title released under their rebranded name. It presents the journey of Dante, a soldier in the Crusades who journeys with Richard’s armies to Jerusalem and is killed in a prisoner riot at Acre, who returns home to find his family murdered and must carve his way through Hell to get his wife back. Though it shares a name with the first book of the Divine Tragedy by Dante Alighieri, and uses the authors name, the games only connection to Inferno is that it uses Dante’s descriptions – which became synonymous with the Christian concept of hell – to great effect in presenting its game world: the Nine Circles of Hell. The game was heavily panned for being a “God of War clone” but the game did more than enough to differentiate itself and establish its own identity, despite unfavorable reception from many critics and gamers alike.

Dante’s Inferno also had a companion animated film that released on Netflix and elsewhere, which essentially told the entire story of the game in much less time. There had been talk of a potential sequel, or similar game, after the game came out but Visceral Games only produced 4 more games before being closed down permanently.