If the new footage of Resident Evil 2 Remake has not tickled your itch for Resident Evil and zombies, fear no more. Resident Evil 4 HD Mod project – a labor of love by two guys  to update the most recent PC release (sorry console) of Ultimate Resident Evil 4 HD to something actually resembling high quality, has received a final release date. On July 13, 2018, you can download the entire project and play the game from the beginning to the end in glorious high quality, high resolution graphics, as well as extra content like Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, and Mercenaries.

Over four years in the making, the RE4 HD Project improves the original game’s textures, lighting, UI, character models, items and more.  On their website, they have individually released install packages for each incremental update, such as a separate installer for Assignment Ada and Separate Ways, as well as a separate installer for weapon models. The team behind the mod went to great lengths to create this project, including actually visiting the same locations Capcom did when they originally created the textures over a decade ago. HD project does not just replace textures – work was done to fix or improve geometry in many places, too.

Even between the official HD remaster, which was released on PC in 2014, and this mod – the difference in quality is astronomical. It’s a must have for anyone seeking the ultimate Resident Evil 4 experience, and more than enough of an excuse to give the game yet another spin.

Naturally, the duo has thrown together a video trailer to give a glimpse of what you might be missing:

In a typically thorough blog post, the mod’s creators explain that while the full game will be nipped and tucked and ready for consumption come July, “this does not mean the project is complete.” They add: “There are several things that remain, like enemies, NPCs [and] playable characters.”

More info can be found at their website. The Let’s Play series linked in our website menu is played with this mod installed, as well, although the final version may slightly differ from what’s already seen.