Valve has rolled out today a new beta version of the Steam client, weighing in at about 160 mb. If you’re a member of Steam beta, it will of course download automatically on launch. This version includes some minor fixes like a new icon for Big Picture mode, and removing the real account name from your Steam client to be replaced with your community username. However, the major new change here is the new beta version of the Steam chat client.


And as expected, everyone on Steam forums is crying like an impotent little bitch about it. Observe. Not that you can see the thread titles due to WordPresses utter inconsistency in picture sizes.



Fucking surprise, surprise – it seems all the whining little fuckboys on Steam want the old chat back.  “Old chat was fine, don’t fix what isn’t broken.” You’re right. Old chat was not broken. It was just twenty years outdated. Old chat was actually, in fact, terrible. Even when it was new it was already outdated in comparison to existing stand alone chat clients like ICQ, AIM, Trillian, etc.

So what’s the big deal about? Well, this is the new chat window. It has been updated with text wrapping, a clearer and bigger font, and a much more modern look. It also has an emoticon search similar to Facebook messenger, but that’s it. Literally no other features. It still lacks in-line gif, gfy, webm, video, or picture support, or link previews. So literally nothing has changed worth complaining about.

In addition to that, old chat was not secure. You could literally find someone’s IP and start DDoS’ing them just by calling them enough times in a short time frame using the VOiP function. Here is the new chat, resized to be really small, alongside the old chat as of yesterday, on the right.

Steam  users prove once again they excel, depressingly, at thing above all others – throwing a temper tantrum like spoiled brats about the most irrelevant, innocuous changes, at every given opportunity. It is truly embarrassing to be a member of the Steam and PC gaming community.,