In a quick one-off during the Bethesda E3 conference tonight, id software has teased the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2016 reboot of Doom, titled Doom Eternal.


Very little is known about the game other than, as always, it will feature Doomguy gloriously slaying demons until there are none. As many have predicted, being a reboot, Doom 2 will follow a similar course of action as the original Doom 2 – Hell on Earth. Not that it makes any sense given the reboots weird, Outworld-esque, trans-dimensional timeline where the events of the first 3 games (Doom 64 being the third) allegedly took place long, long before in the past.

In the brief teaser we see the corpses of the dead, human and demon alike, before some Revenants and a Cacodemon and others step into focus – among the actively decaying ruins of a clearly human civilization. Several skyscrapers are destroyed or falling apart and we see a bridge collapsing.

All we know for now is that there appear to be some new enemies – Barons with fire blades on both forearms, weird worm things that look similar to Dante’s Inferno, a walking brain with a plasma gun on its head/back, and it looks like Pain Elementals have returned as well. Hopefully this means the return of Archviles along with other enemy types.

Oh, and our good friend Doomguy is wearing the old school armor instead of the magical Outworld armor he had last time around. Hugo Martin, creative director at id for Doom: Eternal, assures us that there will be twice as many enemies, and Doomguy will be even more powerful, but the game itself will not take center stage until this years Quake Con, hosted as always in Dallas, starting on August 10th.