Iron Harvest, the Company of Heroes-esque RTS game based on the artwork of Jakub Różalski and set in the same universe as the board game Scythe, has passed its final Kickstarter goal of $1.5 million, albeit barely, after the cutoff date of April 14. As of the cutoff date of 4/14/18 at 5 AM, King Games has raised $1,530,887 from a little over 23,000 backers.


The game originally hit its initial funding goal within 36 hours, when the Kickstarter went live on March 14th. It’s hard to say whether the concept of a dieselpunk 1920’s ‘mech game resonates with a lot of people, or if their successful crowdfunding is a result of very thorough and transparent communication with their supporters. King Games announced well beforehand that they were going to do a kickstarter, and it was going to happen on a specific day.

King Games is off to a great start, being honest and clear with potential customers from the beginning and taking feedback to heart in public forums including their Facebook page. The game uses the same engine as Company of Heroes, and from the available early gameplay videos looks to play very similarly.

Iron Harvest refers to the abundance of scrap metal, munitions, and military supplies left across the European countryside after the Armistice ending World War 1. In reality, no doubt, and in the games universe farmers and landowners would often come across unspent munitions or salvageable equipment on their property.  In this universe, they take those supplies and arm themselves, mechanizing much of Europe again which ultimately results in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. In the aftermath, Europe is split into three major factions vying against each other.