Steam Fall/Black Friday Sale live now

Valve has just launched its annual Steam Fall sale. This sale will last until November 28th and players can find some sweet deals for a variety of PC games. Every day Valve will feature new titles on its front page, so we strongly suggest visiting Steam on a daily basis.

Today, Steam offers Dark Souls III with a 60% discount. Black Desert Online, Rainbow Six Siege and Sudden Strike 4 got a 50% discount, whereas Middle-earth: Shadow of War received a 33% discount.

The entire Resident Evil franchise is now on offer with discounts up to 87%.  DiRT and the Sniper Elite series are also on offer with discounts averaging between 50% and 80%. Furthermore, the Fallout franchise is on offer with up to 75% discounts.


Avalanche’s the Hunter: Call of the Wild and Dark and Light received a 33% discount, and Elite: Dangerous got a 55% discount.

Steam has  1154 titles on offer, so not all deals will be featured on the storefront. Additionally, Fall 2017 sale marks the return of the “Steam Awards” community event from last year, where members can currently nominate a game for several categories, as well as come up with a community award. As with last year, the most nominated games will be put to a vote, and the winners will be discounted again during the Winter sale about 4 weeks from now.


Just like last year, participating at all in the Steam awards nominations will net you a badge, but nothing of much value.


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