Senior Gameplay Designer releases “Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks” mod for Witcher 3

Andrzej Kwiatkowski, senior game-play designer at CD Projekt RED, has released a new mod for The Witcher 3. Andrzej was also responsible for the Full Combat Rebalance mod for The Witcher 2. As such, this can be easily described as a must-have mod for CD Projekt RED’s latest RPG.

According to its description, this mod has been under development for more than half a year. Moreover, Andrzej  claimed that this mod doesn’t aim for any deep and intrusive changes. Instead, it aims to maintain original feeling of the game, sometimes going closer to original intention behind the designs.

The “Immersion and Gameplay” mod focuses mainly on fixing immersion breakers, buffing under-performing skills and items, cosmetic changes and bug-fixing. It also fixes few instances of items and abilities that made Geralt immortal and removed all the challenge from the game.

Andrzej has also shared a really huge changelog with all the changes that this mod implements. Since this is a big list, we strongly suggest reading it at its NexusMods page.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that this mod will not be compatible with the Enhanced Edition mod, or with other mods that alter Geralt’s skills. Therefore, and if you want to give this a go, we strongly suggest removing any such mod.


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