New Nintendo Trademark Filing Gives Hope For N64 Classic

So this is a thing, potentially.  New Nintendo Trademark Filing Gives Hope For N64 Classic


Just stop.

Stop encouraging this behavior. At this rate, in 5 fucking years Sony is going to have a PS4 Classic, hard-coded with 10 games and you can’t do anything else on it.

Jesus. You have two far better alternatives:

A) Stop being a moron and just use an emulator. There is no ethical reason not to. These companies put minimal effort, if any, into making their 20+ year old or even 10+ year old products available to a market that clearly still wants them. Sega is the only company who has made their entire historical catalog available on modern systems. Nintendo doesn’t even have VC yet on Switch. Sony got rid of backwards compatibility and has yet to even profiteer again off of a digital version like last time. Microsoft is the only other company actively trying to capitalize on the “og games” market. You aren’t depriving these companies of money by emulating because they literally have offered you no possible legal avenue by which to give them money for their former games.

On top of that, a LARGE chunk of the developers who made these games either ceased to exist years and years ago, or have been absorbed by another company. You want to give Microsoft money for Goldeneye or Banjo? You want to give EA money for Rogue Squadron? If you do, you’re an idiot.

You – the console market hell the entire gamer audience – have no one to blame but yourselves. You made no concerted effort as customers to let these companies know that backwards compatibility is mandatory. Instead you gobble up their schemes and pay $19.99 for a Final Fantasy 1 re-release. You chumps. You fucking schmuck.

B) Get off your fucking ass and go find your nearest independent game store, who is guaranteed to be selling every system dating back to the Commodore and Ataris, with cartridges and discs in great condition. Go buy them and support the local industries actually supplying your demand – not Nintendo or Sega or Atari or Sony.

That’s not even mentioning the guaranteed-to-happen situation in which, just like the NES classic and the upcoming SNES classic, scalper douchebags with no life and no real job are going to buy as many of these systems as possible and immediately toss them on Ebay or CL for a 200 – 800% profit. Making it impossible for anyone to legitimately get one.


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