Over the years we’ve already seen promising emulators for every system from arcade cabinets to WiiU and PS3, but as it approaches 17 years old, there still isn’t an emulator for the original Xbox. Almost as if it’s a Newtonian reaction to Microsoft bringing up the possibility not long ago during E3, a new project named XQEMU has surfaced.

XQEMU is an open source, cross-platform emulator of the original Xbox that is currently in very early stages of development. This emulator has been under development for a while and while it is still young, the latest version can already run a respectable number of commercial games.

In its current state, most things/features of the original Xbox are not compatible in XQEMU, all games run really slow, and there is no audio. As said, this emulator is in its very early stages. Still, we believe it has potential given how far along it is in its infancy.

Below you can find a number of videos showing this emulator in action. Future versions will obviously improve performance, so now all we can do is cross our fingers and wait. High resolution, playable Ninja Gaiden is on the horizon.