Good news, Samsung TV owners!

On June 12th, Valve released a beta build of the Steam Link app on the Samsung Smart Hub. The beta is free (no idea if the app itself will cost money) but there’s a catch – it is only compatible with and available to UHD televisions manufactured in 2016 and 2017, such as the UK6300 line or UK6000.


Rather than pay $50 for the hardware – $15 right now during Steam Summer Sale – you can download it at no extra cost to your television as long as it’s connected either by wifi or ethernet. The Steam Link app will support 4K streaming from a host machine – unlike the current Steam Link hardware released in 2015. Currently the beta build only directly supports wired controllers or wireless Steam controllers, but once configuration is done and the app is loaded with a compatible controller, you can still use an Xbox or PS4 or other controller that is connected to the host machine.

When the app releases before the end of 2017, it will support Xbox and Playstation controllers as well as the Steam controllers and wired generics.


Reviews are favorable and I’ve personally used it. Setup was ridiculously simple, just enter the code, and you’re off. I have no Steam Link hardware to compare to but I played Mad Max on ultra 1080p settings and it ran pretty smoothly, even on my terrible wifi network. The future looks promising for those who don’t want to run HDMI or ethernet cables around their house, as long as you own a new Samsung TV anyway.

To find out more, you can visit the Steam Store directly.