Last week, Paradox ruffled some feathers and stepped on more than a few toes when it changed all of its store prices on Steam. Today, Paradox’s CEO announced that its company will roll back all the prices of its titles. Going into more details, all games will roll back to their previous prices once Steam’s Summer Sale is over.

As Fredrik Wester said:

“In regards to the price changes you are absolutely right. You deserve more transparency and better communication from Paradox when it comes to changing of our prices and pricing policy. Therefore I have decided to roll back all price changes made; any price changes will have to be for future products well communicated in advance. I just came off the phone with Steam and they say we can’t do the roll-back before the Summer Sale is over (otherwise it would mean we have to take all Paradox products off the summer sale) but it will be done right after. For anyone who bought any of the games during this time (including during the summer sale) we will try to refund (if possible in the Steam platform) or reimburse with games of a value exceeding the difference. If none of this is possible (I do not in detail know the limits to the Steam platform) we will internally calculate the difference in revenue before and after the price change, double the value, and donate the money to the UNHCR.”

So there you have it. Paradox listened to its fanbase and will roll back its prices.

We’ll see if Paradox remains customer friendly in the future.