My first 5 minutes of standalone DoI:

Buy game. Install game. Play Co-Op. Get highest score on team. Lose round. Play again. Go inside a building and throw a grenade, miss the throw and the nade bounces off the wall. We all have to run away outside. No one gets hit by my grenade, for a fact, not even me. Teammate NOOT NOOT shoots me in the head with a Garand and team kills me. I ask why. “Well….you kind of deserved it, for poor leadership.” I say “I see the Insurgency community hasn’t changed.” I respawn. He is in the spawn, and throws a grenade at me. I run up to him and shoot him in the face and kill him. The grenade explodes in our spawn and thankfully doesn’t hit anyone.

He immediately cries and initiates a votekick and says that I “teamkilled 2 people.” I TKed one person, the person who TKed me on purpose, him. I call him a cunt, and get votekicked. Then banned. I come back immediately and play for another hour and no one says a thing.


Welcome to Day of Infamy – the Insurgency community is still at least 20% rude trolls who need to be euthanized, nothing has changed on that front since I wrote a review of Insurgency. They seem to stick to co-op though. Make no mistake about it, these are the same type of people from Insurgency who would be admins on a server, come in and teamkill you out of the blue for no legitimate reason without even saying anything, and then kick and ban  you from their server because you asked “Why did you do that?”. Scumbags.

As for Infamy, it has now progressed from being just a mod for Insurgency to a standalone game and I really am not sure it’s worth full price. Maybe a loyalty discount for Insurgency would have been nice. They’ve added many new weapons, far more classes, more maps, and you can now call in artillery strikes – as can the enemy, both human and AI in co-operative mode. The gun models have been improved since the mod and they even put in the Springfield model finally.

maxresdefault (1)
This should look familiar
maxresdefault (3)
So should this
maxresdefault (2)
And this
maxresdefault (4)
And this is St. Lo, inspired by dod_donner, i i.e dod_thunder

Sorry, nostalgics – the Salerno map in Day of Infamy is actually Avalanche, rather than a remake of the dod_salerno map from Day of Defeat, which was one of the best maps.

The game works more or less pretty solidly – although there are a lot of bounding box / clipping issues that I don’t remember being present in Insurgency. It’s the same engine and basically the same game so it feels weird that beta has some of these issues. It has crashed on me one time so far, not sure why, but it has otherwise been stable. For instance, you can still customize your weapon using munitions that you win every 5 kills and every time you complete an objective, restricted only by the weight limit of what you can carry.

Image result for day of infamy ultrawide

Most importantly, now you can run around with a bolt action and not feel like you’re going to die from ISIS spam like when you would run around with an iron sight Mosin in Insurgency (if you were badass) and have to be extremely good to survive, and have a lot of luck.

Image result for day of infamy ultrawide
I really wish I knew why game developers still think Normandy beach maps are anything resembling fun. Hint: They never were.

The only complaint I have is that rifle grenades have no way to be properly aimed and are a danger to your team until you learn the exact arc you need to aim at. And the Kar is absolute trash – both the scoped and unscoped. They are severely inaccurate to the point where you can have your scope dead on someones chest and they are standing still, and it misses. Hopefully that will be sorted out. Achievements also do that weird thing from Insurgency where they don’t pop up until the next match after you actually earned them.