This game is awesome. I had no idea what to expect until I read the description on Humble Bundle and it sounded sweet. After installing it, I realize this is the Mechwarrior 3050 spiritual successor I never realized I needed or wanted. There are tons of ‘mechs to unlock and different difficulties, and the game mechanics are surprisingly involved for what seems like such a simple game.

Also like MechWarrior 3050, there’s a well developed back story (ignoring that MW is part of a now 33 year old franchise). As the description on the store says, you play as mercenaries from one of three factions fighting against the corporatist jerk government that has basically taken control of the planet and ruined everything for everyone. It’s a sufficiently interesting sci-fi backdrop for the gameplay, as far as I’m concerned, dealing with the standard dystopian themes of corporations run amok and political oppression that arises all because some dudes wanted to make a lot of money, even though they live millions of trillions of miles from Earth and can’t actually do much of anything with that money.