Last week during a  Q&A blog, Jason Bergman – a senior producer at Bethesda Softworks – confirmed that Quake Champions will run through Steam. It isn’t a surprise considering all of ids games are available on Steam and Doom uses Steam for multiplayer,  but those participating in the current beta know the game only exists and works through Bethesda’s launcher, made available when the original release of Fallout Shelter hit PC.

“Quake Champions will indeed be released on Steam,” wrote Bergman. “You will still be required to have a linked account, but users playing the game from Steam will not go through the launcher.”

Among other topics in the Q&A, id Software lead designer Adam Pyle said the studio is currently focused on improving “performance, network code, and stability of the game”, as well as gameplay balancing. Beyond immediate focuses, improving “Onboarding and Progress Loops” remains to be seen to.

“Our onboarding efforts include additional tutorials, training maps, and UI/UX improvements to build a better user experience for all our future newcomers. The implementation of new progression loops introduces new game systems we’ve designed to keep players coming back throughout the week, every week,” said Pyle.

The Q & A blog also contains some information on upcoming tweaks to characters like the newly added B.J Blaskowicz, and other planned changes.