Video gaming has been around for a while now – 4 decades to be fair. Forty years.  Being over the hill now has led to occasionally being taken more seriously for the hobby of gaming. For example, there are more serious studies revolving around it and gaming isn’t just the subject of weird experiments trying to determine if it is destroying our society. Now it can be examined by scientists, gamers and commentators alike. This idea was essentially stolen from a Reddit post, that deserves a bit more attention if people want to discuss the issue outside the small scope of the post, but the question is

“Is it normal to stop caring, or caring as much, about video games as you get older?”

Absolutely normal. I have friends – we’re all the same age within a few months – who used to be huge gamers and don’t care anymore. One of them moved off to Europe to work for Nintendo and yet even while working there, stopped caring about gaming. I’m personally trying hard to care but it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of intentionally sitting down on the weekends and trying to play games whether you want to or not. All the while buying games on Steam like they’ll ever get played. At this point there’s also the fact that buying games feels more like an investment than

“Holy fuck this is going to be the shit.”

Now it’s more like

“Can I justify buying Bayonetta and Vanquish again? I never even finished them the first time.”

This is going to be you in about 80 hours when that Steam sale starts.

I didn’t just naturally stop caring about gaming, though. Due to circumstances, I was also unemployed twice, for about 32 weeks total, in the past 2.5 years and I had nothing  to do but play video games. Trust me when I say that it fucking sucked and it got old, fast.  The first time I was out of work, I completed the entirety of Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 both and all DLC available (not all Fallout 4 DLC was out at the time) and then I couldn’t even game anymore, my fuck’s mine had collapsed.

Image result for warcraft 3 gold mine

People will say “Holy fuck you have 1600+ games man how could you ever be bored?” Oh just you wait, you don’t want to find out how. You’ll get in that situation and you’ll want to entertain yourself or be distracted but you literally can’t because all you can do is worry about how fucked you will be if things don’t turn around. And then that depression and anxiety will carry with you even after you go back to work and think you’re safe.

I still have my peons out looking for a new mine or a new field to harvest my fucks. I haven’t finished a single new game since Witcher 3 Blood and Wine came out, except Doom and RE7. Worse, I don’t really try to anymore. I’m still working on Dishonored 2, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Rising Storm 2, Far Cry 4 which is even older than that, Dark Souls 3, Prey and many games from even before that like Dragon’s Dogma. I swear to god if I ever finish Andromeda, I’m not buying an “open world” RPG again. Sorry Kingdom Come and Cyberpunk 2077 but everyone else ruined it for you. Well except CDPR, you ruined it for you.

Trust me, this becomes more of a shame than a point of pride.

I can’t even sit and play a game for more than an hour anymore. It feels like an eternity to me now. And it’s been that way at least since I turned 25, so years and years ago even before any employment issues.

Worst of all, we all know what’s around the bend when the weekend comes,


Fuck! I must exercise self control. Not this time Gabe. Not. This. Time.