Let me preface by saying. I’ve played Mechwarrior since Mechwarrior 1, starting when MW2 came out and then going back. I’ve been obsessed with Battletech since I discovered it in 94. I own all the novels, all of the technical readouts, most of the source books, even some of the crappy Dark Age books, some mechs and maps and have played the TTG. I also owned the card game. I am a “founder” of MWO. I have played since beta.

This game sucks. Everything about it.

The ‘mech designs are more often than not terrible. Some of them did follow the original illustrations as closely as possible and it shows, like the Hunchback. Hunchback IIC, Jagermech, Jenner, Victor, Warhawk, Hellbringer, Adder, Firefly, and many more. Many others did not, like the Timber Wolf, and they look like trash compared to the artwork that Battletech has operated with for three decades. The unseen also largely look terrible, like the Warhammer. But the Marauder looks fine somehow.

Honestly terrible.


And then we get in to the actual game.

In beta, armor values were doubled to compensate for how busted everything was. Nearly 4 years later, everything is still broken, but there is no longer any compensation. You can literally hit an assault ‘mech, at appropriate range, 4 or more times with AC/20 – the most powerful weapon in the game – in the same spot and it will not die. I’m sorry, that’s not how it works. The highest armor value you’re going to get in one location is going to be around 110 and that’s extreme. So, five AC/20 hits should remove all that armor. The same applies for all other weapons.

So, basically, this is Mechwarrior 4 with better graphics, minus the awful made up weapons that Microsoft found a way to sneak into Tech 3. Also, some of the maps and game modes are awful. There are maps for assault where you literally can only fit two mechs at a time in the enemy base, and you end up getting murdered. Actually, pretty much regardless of map, or game mode, you’re basically always going to end up fighting 8 v 1. That would be okay, if the damage values for everything weren’t fucked up and many ‘mechs weren’t more powerful than they should be. In this game, a Commando or Jenner can take on a Dire Wolf or Atlas head on for more than 2 seconds and can easily shred half their armor before dying. I’m sorry, but no.

The ‘mech bay UI is so bad. It’s simply so bad. They give you this overly long tutorial on how to move and play, what they need is a tutorial on how to use the UI in the game, much less in the mech lab. It takes a lot of time to figure out how to do any thing in this game correctly, outside of actually being in the cockpit. It’s almost Korean MMO level bad. Where MW2 was very simple yet remained true to the Tech 2 and Master Rulebook of that edition and easy to access, Online is even more arcadey, with a terrible interface to filter people out.

Another annoying thing about the map design is the FREQUENT overuse of mountains and elevation, as if they were trying to pay homage to the TTG. Most times you will spawn on a cliff or plateau and the only way down is to walk straight off. Bam, there goes half your leg armor. For no  reason. Is it true to lore? Kind of, not really, considering you can drop out of a dropship just fine without jump jets but a 40 foot cliff, oh no.

And last but certainly not least, oh my god this is the most P2W microtransaction filled game EVER made. It’s like South Korea and PGI had a contest and PGI refused to lose. Everything is overpriced as  possible. You want to pre-order Shadow Hawk mech? $100 . You want a couple ‘mechs? $200. You want like 5 MC? $80. Listen here. I love Battletech. I love Jordan Weismann. I never hesitated to drop $40 on TROs or sourcebooks or $10 on pewter ‘mechs or $8 per novel.

As a founder, what did I get? An Atlas and 60 days free premium time? Even if I hadn’t been a founder, they’ve more than stepped over the line. This pricing is completely unacceptable.

That combines with the historical evidence to show that PGI gives no crap about this game. They have still not implemented features promised in closed beta and before, like dropship mode. They rarely introduce new maps. All they do is keep pumping out new ‘mech packs and expecting people to drop money. If you continue to drop money on this game, especially if you are a founder, you are the reason MechWarrior 5 isn’t happening and you are not a fan – you do not deserve money nor Mechwarrior. PGI has repeatedly displayed they don’t care about making this into a good game and is only interested in raking in cash.

To Hades with this game. PGI can call me when they develop a real Mechwarrior game on PC that has a storyline and isn’t full of the worst things about modern game design.