Admittedly I don’t understand this game. I mean, I don’t see what the fuss is about. What I heard raved about was this awesome indie game that evidently was so unique it would even be considered for a game of the year award.

What I played was an hour long trek through an absurdly large house, reading the increasingly depressing story of a teenage lesbian and the story of how, although everything sucked, it all turned out ok at the end – kind of, except that there is no conclusion to the story because it ends as soon as you find out why she left. Did I mention teenage problems are literally the most irrelevant first world thing ever?

The narration and the artwork that went into the game is great, and the house seems like an authentic 90s home – down to the cassette tape cases and fake SNES games, not to mention the repeated Street Fighter references and ridiculous feel of all the notebooks and binders. Although it was missing a trapper keeper.

I enjoyed the time I spent exploring this house – despite expecting to hear ghastly voices or see a ghost and being disappointed – but even for a point and click adventure game I feel like an hour, and two entirely subtextual stories added to the narrative… way too short – though Gone Home made it feel dreadfully interminable.

I do believe though that the 5 bucks you could pay for this game on Steam is worth the 1 hour of entertainment – it’s less than you’d pay for a movie, after all.

But let’s be completely honest.

It really didn’t do anything different. This is lesbian Myst in an over-sized west coast house with an incredibly cliche, albeit mildly engaging, teenage angst love story.


I don’t even want to go in to how disgusting it is that someone actually found this “game” so amazing that they are making a 16 bit version of it themselves. No offense to the LGBT community, and I doubt they actually care, but this is utterly incomprehensible, how this Mystlike got so much praise.