Capcom Hates Megaman and his fans

In 2008, Capcom released lifetime sales data for all their franchises. Shockingly enough, Megaman is number 2, right behind Resident Evil. Obviously this data is 5 years old and they’ve released several new IPs since then, and no Megaman games whatsoever, but it stands to question:

Why are they purposely cancelling Megaman projects like legends? Why, if they are devoting resources to games like CVX HD and RE4 HD, can they not go back and bust out a Megaman X HD Trilogy and port it to PC/Box/PS3? Or even just PS3?

I know I’m only the 9 millionth person to ask why Capcom has literally abandoned one of their top franchises and one of the legends of the gaming industry, but the question bears repeating.



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