PS4 does *not* have the potential to alter the landscape of gaming

So there’s this article:

to which I have this to say:

This is ridiculous. Good old idiots of the industry, I feel like they all meet like a Stupid League of Stupid. Pachter, Bliesenzski, Molyneaux, and many others.

PS4 has the potential to fundamentally alter the gaming landscape?

It simply doesn’t. Let’s look at the facts:

X-box One was set to actually introduce revolutionary new features for consoles. Game sharing, disc authentication, full voice and motion integration for game controls, digital reselling and full digital distribution, second-hand sales that actually benefited the publisher, potential cloud-computing on more than a storage level, first-party game DVR/streaming, full multi-tasking ability in-application, out-of-the-box video and voice chat, television integration and achievements, and more. Many of these were common-place features in Steam and other digital distribution platforms on PC, or just due to the very nature of PC gaming itself.

Any person in the world can log in to your Steam account and play whatever games you have on their computer – all they have to do is authenticate. You can share your library with them as long as they can be trusted with your collection. You can’t use it at the same time, at least I don’t think so – you can authorize a certain amount of machines just like Apple. You can gift games on Steam, something you still can’t do on XBL or PSN and who knows why. You get utterly ridiculous sales, like this whole next 10 days on Steam, where you can get all the games you could never have time to play for almost no cost. They won’t be tangible copies you can display, but if your sole intent is to play them for now, you’re sitting pretty. There is very little downside to this at all, other than the EULA itself

Playstation 4, from day one, was set to do nothing revolutionary whatsoever for consoles except add first-party game streaming/sharing features and make your GUI look a little bit more like Raptr/Playfire/Steam on PCs. Aside from that, it was at it’s core an upgrade to the PS3. There was literally no other innovation, at ALL, to be found.

Sony Defense Force, 90% of whom are not Microsoft customers nor potential customers, and a small sliver of a couple thousand 360 crybabies, raised the most stink that a vocal minority has ever raised about an optional product that they have the option not to buy. So, Microsoft, because they want to make money, removed every single truly revolutionary feature the Xbox One was set to have except for TV functionality and game DVR, essentially making it just an upgraded Xbox 360.

So no, lead system architect Mark Cerny, you’re completely full of shit, just like everyone else in the industry.


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