E3 is over and the Sony fanboys are just as brazen as before. Some “analysts” are saying Sony wiped the floor with Microsoft and that it’s a done deal. At this point, or rather points like these, I frequently question my choice to continue being a gamer. I want no association whatsoever with these pathetic wretches – industry analysts, Pachter, Molyneux, Bliesienski, anyone at GameSpot or IGN or Kotaku, and especially not any Sony fans.

I own a PS3. I own a 360. I own a Wii. I own an original Xbox. I own an N64. I own a gaming PC. I have more PC games than anything else by a 10:1 ratio. I have been a PC gamer for over 20  years. This was before the internet. So, the fanatical devotion to one company truly escapes me. I do not understand it. All I know is that I want nothing to do with anyone who is that immature and ridiculous that they limit themselves to one method of gaming and then bash everyone else for any possible reason they can concoct, usually making no sense in the process.

Sony hardly stole the show. If you look hard enough in the wastelands of the internet – as covered in Sony shit-flinging as they are its not something you want to do I’m sure – you’ll find honest people who agree with that. Sony simply did not do anything impressive. They didn’t show good enough games, or enough games, or first party exclusives. They came out and they made jabs at Microsoft, which is not what E3 is for. Frankly, that doesn’t belong anywhere, at all, in the business world. All they did was show one console exclusive, if I recall correctly – Killzone Shadow Fall or like I am going to start calling it, Shadow Fail. Everything else is multi-platform. They could have shown what The Order actually is, but, as a Santa Monica studio (God of War) game, we can be guaranteed it’s contrite, infuriating, and one dimensional, not to mention completely on rails.

Microsoft showed games, like they said they would. A lot of games. Ryse looks amazing – maybe that’s just my roommate (a Sony fanboy but a PC Master Race first) and I because we are avid historians, especially Roman history. Visually, with the Crytek 3 engine, it looks wonderful, and the combat and everything shown so far looked wonderful. If we have to press X and other buttons over and over in QTE sequences to kill people that’s fine, I put up with 6 God of War games. My only concern with that game is that, in that stage demo, the setting made no sense – barbarians but they were in a very civilized and Mediterranean fort (maybe they rebelled and took it over?)

Titanfall also looks pretty damned good, though obviously the scripted sequence will be quite a bit different from the end product. Quantum Break, being from the makers of Alan Wake, will definitely be worth checking out. Of course,  you’ve got that Killer Instinct fiasco where you have to buy any character but Jago – which figures, Jago was always for bitches – but I’m sure it will turn out ok. I don’t like racing games and even Forza sounds good and looks good to me. The only racing games I play are Mario Kart, or Burnout, and I unfortunately own Pure.

Which reminds me, how does Microsoft not own Donkey Kong?

A lot of the games shown off were multi-plats obviously, as going forward there will be even less exclusives than there were this generation, but the Xbox even ran them better than the PS4 did at E3.

Microsoft is indeed flip flopping or being confusing about some things, like region locking (which, be honest, is utterly irrelevant to 99% of gamers), but they have released solid answers that busted every rumor people have bitched about for months.

I will be getting PS4 and I already pre-ordered my XB1 day one edition long ago, and I’ll enjoy them both – I’m an adult and it’s my prerogative to spend $1000 on consoles in the same month.

I’ll probably end up hating PS4 as much as I do PS3, too. For example, Sony claims they put Fatal Frame 2 on PSN over a month ago. Well guess what, it was never there., Ever. I checked multiple times since then and it’s not there. What happens if you try to purchase it from your computer? The sony page is not found, because it’s gone. Why the fuck do MS and Sony do this? They both do it. MS had released TMNT arcade HD on 360 and then they took it down within like a week. Sony did the same thing with Fatal Frame 2.

How praytell do I play old PS2 games if you yank them from the store? Should I go buy a fucking PS2? I guess I should.

Anyway, I gaurantee you the next gen will be neck and neck again for years just like this one was,. But think what you will, if you’re a fanboy you’re clearly hopeless already.