diablo-3-game-bannerDiablo III was super-hyped, having been 10 years since the amazing Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was the game of a generation, or one of the games of a generation, with which people could get together – in the same physical location! and then cackle maniacally as they slaughtered their way through hordes of Undead and Demons and anything else in the way.So, how could you possibly follow up the greatest co-op dungeon crawler ever made with another sequel? Well, in Blizzard’s defense, you couldn’t. And they didn’t.Diablo III was a miserable fiasco from the minute it launched, and Battle.NET exploded. No one could connect to the game, and it had issues for days, and days. Even after those were resolved, it still had issues with people actually getting connected to the servers.

One of the key failures of Diablo III was the fact that it required an internet connection to play, even if you were playing alone. Blizzard utterly failed their fans with this game from the beginning. They actually even came out and said it wasn’t a good game, in an interview, before it released. They tried too hard to implement WoW mechanics and, as expected, a failure is what they got. It seems in hindsight, remembering the Diablo 2 release on PSX, that Blizzard’s goal the whole time was to beta test this trash on PC, find out what didn’t work and then release the fixed version on console.

To anyone who hasn’t played Diablo II, they will never understand the stigma with Diablo III. Even if they go back and play it, it will tell them nothing. Nostalgia goggles aside, Diablo 1 and 2 were solid, incredible games. In stark contrast, Diablo 3 lacks the offline multiplayer; lacks the interesting classes (Amazon, Paladin, etc.), lacks the randomized dungeons, lacks the loot and the loot drop rates, and lacks the splendor of its forefathers. On top of that, it doesn’t even have weapon animations, something that even WoW has. Carrying a weapon is quite literally a stat stick – as if you were playing a mage, warlock, or priest in Warcraft.

The most core problem is that the game simply is not fun. To level up, you must play the same story over, and over, and over again multiple times. Doing the same dungeons, seeing the same lack of loot, more likely than not. On top of that, the spells and moves cease to be fun before the end of even the first playthrough. The enemies, at harder difficulties – are just amalgamations of spell-types, and are thrown together in combinations that will be the most asinine – not the most challenging.

On top of all that, the story is terrible. It is completely, entirely predictable to anyone who is even familiar with storytelling – you need not play Diablo 2 or 1 to figure out what happens after you meet Leah.

Perhaps the worst part of the entire game is the real money auction house, which is soon being removed from the PC version and does not exist on console. It negates playing the game at all – you areexponentially more likely to get loot for your class from the RMAH than you ever are by actually playing the game.

So, what’s the point of playing the game?