State of the Gaming Industry

So I’m sitting on GameSpot, trolling for more words about games, and I see on the new Today in Headlines feature that someone has posted a rumor about Nextbox always requiring internet, as news. Lo and behold, it’s Eddie. You don’t say. All GameSpot does nowadays is post rumors and it’s not going to stop. It’s usually Eddie, too. And then he links to previously posted rumors as sources for his rumor article.

Microsoft has said absolutely nothing about Durango. They have announced nothing, not even its name. So what do you have on GameSpot? The same pathetic parade of teenagers and office chair crusaders huffing and puffing, romping and stomping about their standards and Microsoft crossing the line.


You weren’t going to buy the new Xbox anyway. You were going to camp a gaming store like an unemployed teenager/otherwise penny and responsibility-less little bitch that you are, and buy up all the PS4s so that when adults get off of work, they can’t find one, and they have to pre-order it. Then you’re going to sell it on eBay for a 200% mark up, like a little bitch.

Just shut up. Shut up with the false ethics. It got old the 1st time this rumor was circulated, now we’re on the 11th time.

This whole generation of the console war has been significantly more pathetic than the last one. You have this guy, this jacktard from Epic, Mark Reins (Unreal Engine, not Unreal games, those haven’t been made in years and they shouldn’t have been made after Unreal 2 and UT2k5. Arguably those shouldn’t have been either, does anyone even remember Unreal 2?) who literally came out and used very poorly chosen words:

“It’s like giving you the world’s best PC,” he added, pointing to Sony’s introduction of “super convenient” features such as the ability to play games while they’re downloading and perform background updates.

I almost cannot believe how an alleged professional could make such an insanely absurd official statement, to the media, in an interview where he is being recorded. It is incomprehensible to me how you could be that ignorant and careless. Don’t get me wrong, I work in IT, I know first hand how stupid IT people actually are and it racks my brain each day that I have to train myself to live in a reality where people this stupid actually are entrusted with any further responsibility than shoveling dirt. No offense to you, construction workers or grave diggers, I actually respect you more than these fools.

Very poorly worded.This is a guy who works for Epic, a company that has been one of the driving forces behind revolutionizing PC graphics ability for twenty fucking years. That statement is 100% fallacious by any stretch of the imagination. The World’s Best PC? Are you daft? The PS4 and Durango  are just now catching up to the point computers were at when the PS3 and 360 came out.

He went on to further display his incompetence by stating that 32-bit OS’s like Windows 7 or 8 limit gamers to 2 gb of RAM. No they don’t. x86 architecture limits you to 4 gb maximum of RAM because it prevents more from being addressed, whether you have 4 or you have 32 – you’re only getting 4. No PC gamer who owns a gaming PC, whether they built or bought it, has an x86 system. You can’t buy x86 systems anymore outside of business purposes – if you want to get your hands on a bunch of laptops – and those still have 64 bit processors gimped with 32-bit Windows. x64 processors have been the norm for years. My 3 year old Gaming PC that I’m writing on right now is x64 and even at that time, in March 2010, my PC was only upper mid-range – there were definitely better machines around and still are.

All of this fake bullshit really needs to stop. It does nothing but perpetuate ignorance among the consumers as well as among the industry. When a leading developer proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t understand basic concepts taught in a freshman CS course, you have to be worried about the industry much more than just the potential of always online gaming.

There’s more, don’t worry.


Yea, Valve fucking invented mandatory internet connections for gaming before the 360 even came out. Unfortunately, because it’s nothing but Millenial kids and younger bitching about this, the throbbing masses  wouldn’t know that. For years after Steam came out, on and off, you had to be online to play your single player shit whether or not you wanted to. This literally did not end until 2010, if it ever did end. Frankly I don’t know because it’s been at least 5 years since I spent more than a week off the internet.

Case in point. I recall going to Covington and staying for a weekend of boozing when my roommate was on leave before he deployed to Afghanistan. He brought his laptop to the hotel and we literally couldn’t play half of his games because we weren’t on the internet. Our friend with us also brought his laptop. He couldn’t play his games either. So the misplaced rage towards Microsoft, based entirely on a rumor that originated most likely from GameStop themselves, needs to end. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Valve or Vivendi for introducing this concept in the first place. There’s a reason it failed when they tried it on Steam. Do you honestly think that if Steam, the world’s #1 game retailer and online game service couldn’t pull it off, that Microsoft can?


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