XBL vs PSN Achievements

One of the chief reasons why PSN is significantly more terrible than XBL (expectedly as it is “free” – it’s actually not free) is that the trophy support simply blows in comparison. In order to sync trophies with the servers, you have to actually authorize your PS3 to do so – manually. On system boot. If there is a setting, I defnitely missed it.

XBL automatically updates your trophy info in real time. So, for instance, all the time I spent playing Tomb Raider or RE6 on my PS3 in the past 24 hours is absent from my profile. As soon as you get an achievement on XBL, boom, there it is – on your  network profile, on your local profile, on your screen.

Considering that PSN Plus is more expensive than XBL Gold and really gives you nothing except for free game rentals for the duration of your membership – otherwise known as paid monthly rentals – people need to examine the evidence. PSN is free, if you don’t want to pay for it, and it blows either way. I pay for PS+. I pay for XBL Gold. For my money, neither is worth it, but XBL would be more worth it, were it to have any value. Until it gives me free games permanently I’ll pay for it but not like it.


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