So the Assassin’s Creed 4 reveal is Monday, which everyone should know by now. The time between the game’s existence being revealed by a Redditor and the time far more details came together was terribly short, about a week. Ubisoft had of course confirmed they were making another game, yea, but AC3 is still pretty new.

A lot of publishers are concerned about the developers turning into a Battlefield or CoD or whatever factory. Well, apparently Assassin’s Creed is the next game to join the yearly release club. If this game is as short as Brotherhood or Revelations, people are going to be very angry.

There are, of course, no details yet who the actual person in the present is. I’m thinking it’s John de Lancie, Desmonds father (Whatever his name was). It would make sense. Then again it could be one of those people we heard baout in Brotherhood BUT he’s directly related to Desmond, so it could only be Desmond’s father. He doesn’t have any other siblings.

What doesn’t make sense to me though is why Kenways blood-line appears to switch back and forth in the more recent years. Edward Kenway is an assassin. Haytham Kenway was a Templar. “Connor” Kenway was an assassin. So…..

Anyway, the trailer looks excellent. The game is, according to the commercial, going to be multiplat for PS3, Wii U, Xbox, and PS4, so you can guess it’s not going to take advantage of the new hardware. Seems like a mistake to me. By far not a selling point for the new console.