I haven’t  used my Xbox in about a month, so I’m trying to connect it to a PlayFire account right now. The Xbox itself is fine. I’ve been paying for live for however many years and I can connect to it. I have no idea what my password is because you don’t need it. So I’m sitting here and now I have to  use this atrocious recovery survey Microsoft has where it asks me questions like: “What are the subjects of your recent e-mails?”

Really? Do you think I know that shit? Even if I used that email account, which I don’t because it’s not a real e-mail account – Microcrap made me create one because I typoed my email address when I originally created an Xbox live profile for 360 – which itself is because they wouldn’t let me use my same XBL name from 2005. Even if I used it, I wouldn’t know.

Here’s how this works. Show me my password, then die in a fire. That simple.