Really Slant Six?

This is from a journal I posted on DA about 2 months ago August 12.

I’m currently talking to someone who claims to be a Slant Six employee and she is trying to tell me that Capcom is the one who ruined their game. Discuss.

She goes “Capcom playtested it and they told us to tweak things like enemy health and sponginess to make the game more difficult.”

Let’s get that out of the way: Capcom blows. They blow hard. They’ve been throatwhores for a long time. Their only good recent games were Dragons Dogma and Asuras Wrath, and MAYBE mvc3 which is broken. So its not a stretchat all to say that Capcom ruined your crap, but that’s irrelevant. I told her for instance, the guns are broken. I’ve hit AI enemies 9 times in the head with a Barrett – a gun that would blow up a semi truck in one hit, practically. She responds that Capcom made them beef the AI. No. Because I’ve hit real players in the head repeatedly too. Zombies don’t even die necessarily.

It’s not 1 thing. You can’t write a failure across the entire board (other than environment, the setting was done very well) off as “They wanted changes after playtesting.” 
No. Every single aspect of the game was wrong, and broken. Yes, despite all of this, it managed to somehow be fun on occasion, but just no.

Then she’s like “I hate having my honesty called into question. I’m proud of what i do and blah blah.” Well then you’re both dumb and shameless.

No professional, no intelligent person, would be in a chat room on a TORRENT site, and then literally announce that they work for Slant Six. 
A) You’re fucking BREAKING THE LAW. “Yes here at Slant Six our employees torrent shit, probably our own games because they know they aren’t worth money. 
B) Everyone at Slant Six knows that everyone HATES them and every game they’ve made and has no respect for them. You wouldn’t tell people you had any connection to a game that further ruined something they love.
C) How can you be proud of yourself and “your company” for making purely unprofessional, unfiltered shit and selling it for 60 dollars? With Day 0 DLC that was PART of the game before it even came out and you made customers pay to unlock it. You are pure shit. Your games suck. Get a new job at a better software developer.

Take me for example. I don’t mention where I work, except on Facebook, which I shouldn’t do. I deleted my FB but then trillian reactivated it. I should delete again.

So then she wants me to apologize for calling her a liar. I never called her a liar. I implied that she’s full of shit because 99% of people on the internet completely are. i’m still not positive I believe her.

Then a mod mutes me for “trolling”.

If people in this civilization aren’t allowed to be held accountable for their words and their actions and they are protected from reality, protected from anyone actually engaging them in an honest conversation – by a self appointed want-to-be supehero Holden Caulfield jacktard….what is the point of existence?


Fucking stupid.


But whatever, I guess that’s the crumbling misguided socialist society we live in. 


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