Sherry and Jake’s campaign has to be the worst part of Resident Evil 6, hands down, and it’s not even for different reasons than the reasons the rest of the game sucks. It’s mostly because Capcom repeated yet again the same overused cliches and nonsense from the rest of the campaigns. The story is half-assed and reliant on a whole lot of ret-con, their campaign tries too hard to evoke nostalgic feelings of RE3 (which really isn’t one of the stronger games in the franchise)  but worst of all, this campaign specifically doesn’t know what it is.

First and most annoyingly, this part of the plot is both yawn inducing, and a slap in the face to those who actually cared about the over-all story of the Biohazard universe – somehow at the same time. Sherry is sent to protect Jake Mueller – a “mercenary” who happens to have unique DNA that may help combat not only existing viral weaponry, but the new C-virus that is being deployed around the world. In a summary it doesn’t sound that bad. At least until you find out why his blood is unique – he’s Albert Wesker’s “son.” Also, did we mention Sherry was infected with the G-virus and is probably the most unique DNA on the planet because of it? There’s no way Wesker’s blood would matter – Jake would have been born long before Wesker “merged” with the T-virus. God damnit Capcom.

Please just stop. It was never once mentioned, ever, that Wesker had a child. Based on his character and the fact that he’s entirely one dimensional and has no backstory before what was retconned in RE5, RE0, and RE1 (in chronological order of the story), there is no believable scenario in which Wesker could possibly have gotten a woman to have his kid. None. Maybe if he kidnapped a lady and then….anyway. None. Worse it is never explained how he could possibly be Wesker’s son, either. They just discount it and move along. It’s terrible writing, it makes no sense, there’s no exposition to explain it nor any context, it’s shit. So we’ll move along as well.


If the story weren’t already bad enough, there’s also a problem with Capcom attempting to emulate Nemesis in some weird, nonsensical way. Throughout this section of the game, the protagonists are stalked by a cybernetically enhanced B.O.W called Ustanak. It’s a big hulking guy who can effortlessly leap between helicopters in midair, wield giant mini-guns, and has a lot of arm attachments. The parallels with Nemesis are obvious and not appreciated. In addition to a cage on its back where Ustanak apparently stores mission objectives, like people, after they are captured. Said bad guy also likes to pop up over and over throughout the story and bother you, until he is finally killed at the end in the most ridiculous sequence in all of Resident Evil history. Step aside, rock punching. Step aside, getting your hand chainsawed off and then stapled back on. Ustanak’s got this.

Seriously worse than Alice kung fu fighting Nemesis

All of that could honestly be forgiven if the actual gameplay of this campaign had any consistency. As soon as the game starts, it painfully warps between third person shooter, cinematic third person shooter with QTE mashing, survival game, stealth puzzle game, vehicle segments, back to stealth game, back to third person action shooter with a tiny amount of Resident Evil puzzle solving involved, back to QTE vehicle shooter, back to action shooter. The vehicle segments in this campaign are the worst in the game, and the stealth sections have absolutely no business existing.

Worst camera placement in history. Yes, you are running towards the screen and have to jump over things.

This must have been the experimental part, and the experiment failed. Not one single part of this campaign was enjoyable. The only parts that felt like they belonged were immediately cancelled out by something ridiculous and over the top, such as below.


Resident Evil 6 might even have been somewhere above a 0 out of 5 overall, if they dropped this clusterfuck mess from the game before release, and reworked the plot. Putting in Sherry was nothing but fan service as she had no reason to exist again, in-game, after RE2. Retconning in another Wesker? Get out.