It really hurts to say it, but doing so exemplifies just how terrible this game truly is: Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans have the best campaign in Resident Evil 6.

Chris and Piers, the campaign which is entirely third person action shooter. The one that everyone called Gears of Evil because it sounded like a good way to be derisive and, honestly, it wasn’t that inaccurate of a description. Shooting is going to be what you do 100% of the time in Chris’s game, other than run, and open doors. There are no puzzles, no veiled attempt to make it seem like this part of the game resembles the series at all. Just lots, and lots, and lots of shooting, kung fu fighting, and grenading. Don’t forget vehicle driving!

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Having said that however, the game does thematically tie in to the storyline. At least since 2008 when RE5 came out and introduced the BSAA. The importance of the BSAA is that, aside from Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine being founding members of the UN-like organization, the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance exists to combat and prevent bio-weapon threats around the globe. Great, that sounds fine. That’s essentially what you were doing in the first 5 games anyway – you just didn’t have governments behind you because no one believed it. So, the thing that people would rather not admit is the BSAA makes the perfect protagonist if this franchise is going to continue. The problem being, Chris’s acting arm of the BSAA is para-military, meaning it’s going to make more sense to play with a bunch of NPCs that all carry guns and are somewhat prepared for these situations, thus it isn’t as “scary”.


Ignoring the few terrible vehicle parts such as the HMV driving or the jet fighter flying, this makes for a cohesive and well planned campaign. It may be almost entirely about taking cover and shootin, but the combat is done well and it makes perfect sense. For one thing, Chris was in the Air Force, so, flying a plane isn’t out of his wheelhouse. For another, they’re military. What else would they do? Sneak around and investigate? Besides, there are plenty of tension building sections in the campaign, like hunting the giant snake – which is another throwback to RE3 (if you remember the graveworm, Jill killed it the exact same way).

Perhaps one of the most painful reasons why Chris has the best of the original campaigns (ignoring Ada) is that it has the best story. It sounds delusional, maybe even psychotic, but it’s the truth. Chris leads a team of BSAA soldiers in the fictional country of Edonia, where the first traces of the new C-virus have been deployed in the nations civil war. He tracks down a suspect who is believed to be Ada Wong, who then systematically causes the deaths of his entire team, either by injecting them with the virus or leaving them to die in a fight with the many B.O.Ws around the nations capital, as well as their own comrades. This causes Chris to snap after she gets away and he goes into an alcoholic fugue state. Nivans, his new partner in this campaign and a guy he had helped train previously, serves as a moral compass and friend, but also as a character who looks to Chris for guidance after pulling him out of his state.

Unfortunately, the range of emotion and the actual humanity displayed by the characters, as well as the first time a character in Resident Evil appears to actually have memories or acknowledge the events of the past, give this part of the story more depth than the rest. It’s also really the only part of the story to directly address the virus and the actual plot line that ties all the campaigns together. Not to mention the ending is actually emotional when it comes to this franchise.