Weeds Season 8

So, for those who watch Weeds, you were probably apathetic all through Season 7 – probably since at least Season 5. Really the show has been “bleh” since the end of Season 1 – Nancy has just made progressively more destructive decisions and everything has spiraled out of control almost. So, at the end of Season 7 it looked like the show might be over. However, for those who know how to Google, Season 8 was announced quite a while ago and the trailer told you that what you thought happened at the end of S7, did not happen.

Anyway, I feel so far that Season 8 has been better in just two episodes than most of Season 7 and even Season 6 were combined. They are kind of getting back to elements in the story that went abandoned for entire seasons. Here’s to hoping it keeps getting better again.


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