Dead Island 2: Riptide announcement

Most people who pay attention to the gaming industry probably should have realized there would be a sequel to Dead Island. It sold 3 million copies which is still a pretty decent record, for an under the radar game. It isn’t the undeserved bullshit 12 million copies that Call of Duty sells, but then again Deep Silver/Techland aren’t money hungry prostitutes who spend absolutely no money developing and keep the hundreds of millions of dollars for their yachts, like Activision Blizzard.

So anyway, people who actually liked Dead Island should be happy – this provides an opportunity for them to take what they learned from the failures of Dead Island 1 and correct them. I only hope Giles Lamb and Deep Silver bless us with a trailer even more amazing than the first announcement trailer. In my opinion, it’s going to be hard to top.

Unfortunately there is no information whatsoever available about the game, so I do not imagine it is very far along. That or they want to keep it under wraps. I think a lot of people were actually hoping for the sequel to be something more like “Dead Nation”, where it took place not on an island, but if it does literally take place on an island again, that’s just fine with me. This time though I would like something different from the cut and dry talent trees and characters of the first game. If we could have characters with actual stories, that we cared about, this time – and the freedom to really build our characters how we want – that would be amazing.

Eagerly looking forward to it, the new trailer, and a tobuscus literal song for the trailer.


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