Compared to what I remember from beating MGS2 when it was new,  the version packaged with the MGS HD Collection doesn’t look much different to me. The colors are slightly sharper but I wouldn’t call it an HD remake. more like 16:9 upscale. It’s been made playable at a higher resolution and different aspect ratio, without looking stretched out and weird.

Which I’m thankful for, I can’t handle 4:3 since the advent of HD. The only display I have like that is at work, everything else is at least high res if not high definition.

I really don’t notice any difference, though it has obviously been 12 years or so. It has achievements…and Snake Tales. Correct me if I’m wrong but theres also a quick access menu for the codec, I don’t recall if that was there before.

Now if Konami would just release this on PC…..