Do you want to snipe Hitler?

Well too bad, you’ll have to buy separate DLC for that. But what is included in the game is excellent. Much better than the outdated Sniper Elite original game.

Here he is dying though. I saved you $8

V2 is a combination stealth/sniper simulator game where you play an American sniper infiltrated into Berlin in 1945, as the Russians are closing in to capture the city. Your mission is to rescue a German scientist wanting to defect to the Allies and give them information about the German V2 rocket program that he worked on.

Stealth gameplay is fairly standard fare and what you would expect if you are familiar with games like Far Cry or MGS. You can throw rocks to distract enemies. You can time your shots like Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates to take advantage of loud noises from airplanes or artillery strikes and mask your gunshots. Compared to Sniper Elite 3, this game significantly lacks in player control, but it is a great game regardless. You can also melee enemies to death, and you come equipped with 3 weapons at all times – ranging from bolt action rifles to semi-autos, SMGs and rifles like the STG44, to AT launchers and pistols (silenced Welrod included).

You can also set traps using explosives like land mines and tripwires. However, these don’t work at all on vehicles. Also, the only way to kill a vehicle in most levels is to shoot its gas tank, resulting in some Michael Bay goodness. Last but not least, there is of course the bullet time. You get to watch your bullets fly through the air, go through enemies heads or balls or wherever you choose to shoot them, and even see these ridiculous Michael Bay explosions where shooting a gas cap on a fuel tank blows up a Tiger.

The game features co op, pvp multiplayer, and a few hours of single player/co-op DLC. The difficulty curve is also real, as Sniper Elite significantly changes ballistics, introduces windage, removes the ability to tag enemies for easy tracking, and increases enemy difficutly.

Easily the best sniper game on the market, although the stealth elements in this entry leave something to be desired.