Holy shit guys. SOPA has managed to scare off most of the “Pirate” forces without even being passed. Filesonic has disabled ALL downloading, unless it is your account and you are retrieving files from storage. That is a massive blow to the Warez community – from Porn to TV to movies to GFX to Games to even things that are completely legal to share.

MegaUpload has been demolished and it’s owners arrested. This is ridiculous. The fact that we even let Congress write SOPA and PIPA led us to this point and we should be ashamed that we have people that we voted for in office doing things we absolutely did not put them there to do.

I’m not completely distraught, aside from the fact that they waited until after renewing our memberships for next month to shut down the entire Filesonic sharing service.

Can I have my $20 back?

Don’t worry guys, Oron is still there! The biggest piece of shit ever!