I just bought SW:TOR. Literally, 10 minutes ago – as a birthday present to myself, after far more deliberating than before I purchased wow 7 years ago.

I already want my money back. I haven’t even installed or downloaded the game.

1) Fuck Origin. Fuck it and fuck it hard. And don’t fuck it like you would a pornstar, or a girlfriend that likes rough sex – or a whore. Fuck it like it’s your arch nemesis and it killed your family but at the same time it’s obscenely hot. Origin BLOWS phallus’s. I was entirely against this spying ass software company from  the moment they came into the industry and to this day – especially today – I am enraged.

Battle.net, when it was re-tooled to support all of Blizzard’s new games, was cumbersome. Is cumbersome. In comparison, origin is a fucking Maus tank.

So because some fucking asshole at the publisher gets paid a lot of money to do, essentially, the devil’s work, here’s the situation I’ve gotten myself into by choosing, stupidly, to get the digital copy, and not a real copy – even though my belief in traditional media ownership has skyrocketed in the past year.

I bought the game pretty much an hour ago. I have my CD key. I have to visit the swtor site to download it. In order to do that, you need an account (no fucking sense – you can’t do shit with the game without a cd key and an account so it has absolutely no value as a theft deterrent. Suck my cock with your anti-piracy efforts. I also made an account, over 20 minutes ago, if I did not make one when buying it. I’m not sure of that fact because the purchasing process was thus far more complicated than waiting to be able to download the fucking game – not even play it yet, download. I am sure when I download it their server is slower than shit and so it’s going to take hours – thank you wideband internet.

Just sitting here waiting for a confirmation e-mail so I can log into my account and play/download the game that I just unbelievably paid 63 dollars for. By the way, fuck you in the face EA and BioWare – you’re going to charge sales tax online? Really? Do you know how few retailers charge online tax? How is it even legal for some companies to avoid charging tax while some do?

All in all – and maybe it’s because of my experience in 7 years of WoW and Rift and ST:O – I am going into this with significantly less optimism than I did Warcraft. I’ve got to tell you, if they don’t get rid of Origin, this MMO is going to tank in less than 3 years. EA is, surprisingly, not as bad as ActiBlizzard – but at the same time, they are so much worse.

So, edit: I finally got through this absolutely dissatisfying process of actually getting to the point, now to download 25 gb.

Seems a little bit ambitious there guys, 25 gb. For vanilla.