So I finally got my iLevel to a high enough number to do Dragon Soul – not for lack of trying, but because I literally never get to use my own computer, ever. There were 2 things that struck me immediately with this raid.

1) It’s easier than balls. I’m not talking oh wow this is easy, I’m talking “Are you effing kidding me?” easy. Like completely stupid easy. The fight mechanics are all laughable and even with half my screen taken up by the default Raid UI (Didn’t have the time and I’m out of practice, so I couldn’t get rid of my party frames and replace with with Perl raid), it was completely effortless to figure out what to do and when. Severe let down.

2) The new loot rules. They are absolutely retarded. Essentially “You are not eligible to loot because you have already looted this boss [this week].” Actually, I didn’t loot the boss. I got some gold from it. I didn’t win shit the two times I did it yesterday. The first time because nothing drops for Paladins, as usual, and because DPSers get to win things when healers do not. The second time because I rolled on items the first time, not because I won those same items, or any items.

I figured that when people said the system was crap, on the forums, they were right. Now I know first hand. So after dedicating the time to raiding DS two times in one night, I have nothing to show for it but some achievements and some gold.