Cousin, you want to go bowling? No? Okay I check back in 5 minutes.
In all seriousness though, GTA4 was a massive step down from San Andreas in everything but graphics. Even the game world is smaller than San Andreas and there’s very little to do unless you want to go bowling, alone, or drinking, alone, after you beat the storyline. Or you choose the other ending.

The graphics are better and the AI pedestrians a little better, sure. The car physics are worse – they put in some type of “realistic” driving except it’s completely wonky and hilarious.


All the advanced mechanics from SA are gone like the RPG elements: being able to improve skills, stamina, breath, and health meters. There’s no jetpack. There’s no tank at all. No helicopter variety. No planes. Minimal side activities. No additional melee fighting styles, and the melee combat is a joke. Not to mention, you can literally bump the NPCs to death and sometimes will just randomly die because of broken collision detection.

This is the best rendition of Liberty City in the franchise, yes, far better than in GTA3 or the brief moment in San Andreas.

But the story is boring, just an eastern European illegal immigrant on a quest for a dude who wronged him, which ends up having a totally disappointing cop-out ending to it. There is one mission in this entire game that remains memorable – robbing the bank. And I still believe it was the basis for the entire heist game mechanic in GTA5, because so many people liked that mission.

Yet at the same time, GTA4 seems more fun than GTA5, which corrected the majority of the shortcomings of GTA4.

Overall, it’s still a GTA title, and GTA is always fun, so pick it up.